Privacy Policy

Enquiries for psychotherapeutic services can be done through our website, email address, telephone which involves providing your us with your name, contact details such as telephone numbers, email or address, sometimes your age or a few details about the difficulties you are experiencing. The information gathered remains confidential and is only available to the therapist at Picking Up The Pieces in order to contact you, discuss ways forward, offer appointments or notify you of any changes to appointments or the service.

Your information will never be shared with 3rd parties for marketing purposes although occasionally be shared with others in order to safeguard you should risks become apparent or if I am obliged by law to disclose personal information you have shared with me. At other times I may share your details with others gaining your prior consent when signposting to others that may be beneficial in providing more adequate support.


I have to inform you that I may take notes in a session but these will be shredded after writing up brief case notes (dates we meet and what we talked about) which are kept securely in a locked cabinet in line with current legislation and in accordance to my insurance for a period of 7 years before being destroyed. Documentation also held: contact sheet/contract and agreements/signposts/evaluative tools and outcomes/GDPR agreement. Any data collected electronically is stored on an encrypted and password protected system which is only accessible by therapists at Picking Up The Pieces in order to contact you. You are able to request to see your notes at anytime.

Whilst we do our best to protect your information, transmission of any information over the internet is never completely secure whether by email or information passed on the website or other electronical devices with the exchanges we may have whether in sessions or corresponding apps we may use in our work together. If you respond to any threads, blogs or webpages set up, your 1st name may be used and others accessing the same page will be able to see. This is why in specialised areas in order to try and protect your details more Picking Up The Pieces is setting up dedicated members only areas for cancer/chronic illness and bereavement support. We hope this will give you better peace of mind that any response you choose to write are not viewed by the general public but in a smaller client group with similar needs.


You have the right to request to see any information held by us, hold or store abut you at anytime. No charge on initial requests but subsequent requests a small charge will be made.  You have the right to ask to rectify any inaccuracies or incomplete information. Also you can withdraw your consent to hold or process your details at any time unless we have a legal obligation to keep such information where this request would be declined as this information may be required for me to practice lawfully and competently. Should you have concern or cause of complaint about how we handle and store your data please contact megan who is the Data Controller at Picking Up The Pieces. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction she will refer you to others in relevant procedures.

Please note this policy maybe updated in accordance to our growth -so from time to time review any changes that may have been made and relevant to you.