Losing someone close to you can be an incredibly difficult time. Grief affects everyone in different ways, and there is no time limit in experiencing the impact and the effect that can linger and invade our everyday life. You don't have to be alone when dealing with trauma, making adjustments or battling with loss as Picking Up The Pieces is here for you. Providing emotional and practical support that can be most beneficial to enhance well-being. 


Picking Up The Pieces  is now working in collaboration with The Knapman Family providing bereavement support in Plymouth to try to remove the taboo about death and dying which can affect our emotional and psychological well-being and remove the stigmas associated with mental health. Picking up The Pieces in Plymouth serves the local community, Devon, and Cornwall face to face and on-line.

Coping with grief can feel like a maze. One minute you are starting to find ways forward and feel hopeful in finding your way again but then suddenly come across another dead end which makes you feel defeated, stuck or unmotivated. Picking Up The Pieces is here for those coping with grief, and works in collaboration with The Foundation Of Infant Loss to support better those experiencing infant loss due to miscarriage, still born or neonatal issues. 

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