Unsure if you want to commit?


Picking Up The Pieces offers a range of services that may help you with what you are going through. Why not come for a free of charge, 30 minute initial consultation where we can discuss your needs and see what service is suitable to you.

Can I cancel appointments?


It is not our normal policy to charge for late notice cancellations or missed appointments as unexpected things sometimes crop up in life. But we would appreciate it if you could notify us as soon as possible should you be unable to attend. However once therapy begins should this become a regular occurrence a percentage of the fee would be charged to cover expenses.

How many sessions will I need?


  You can choose to work open ended or to work with a fixed number of sessions e.g. 6/12/18 sessions. You are able to stop at any time but it is also important in endings, bringing the working relationship, your experience and journey we have had together to a close. A final session can create a positive ending for you.

What to expect


If we decide to go ahead and work together, we will then agree a contract of working which will outline frequency of meeting (usually weekly) for a hour, confidentiality, data protection, complaints procedure and payment of fees. With regular reviews we can together notice your achievements or declines and come up with an action plan for the next stage of our work together should you chose to do.

I feel anxious attending


It is natural to feel a bit anxious when you meet someone new or share your difficulties with another, especially if you have never used talking therapies before.  It takes time to learn to share your deepest emotions or hidden truths and sometimes this can make you hesitant or feel like you want to run away. 

But Picking Up The Pieces commitment is to you remind yourself of our focus and promise on the home page.

How to pay


Payment of fees

cash, cheque, Bac's or paypal

Prices start from £40-£50 individual sessions

£55-£75 involving two people

£60-£80 involving more than two people

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