About me

About Me

Counsellor, Plymouth, Megan Andrews, Therapy, Picking Up The Pieces, Devon and Cornwall,

I have experienced my own share of life challenges involving past personal struggles causing loss of self due to various trauma. There was a period of time I was living with mental health issues after traumatic experiences. This made me decide to embark on my own career change in understanding better the emotional needs of creative individuals, artists and performers. I stepped away from working successfully in the high profile music industry and broadcasting corporations and undertook many years of training to facilitate others who found themselves stuck or isolated in life pressures or experiencing mental health issues.

As a qualified and registered counsellor & psychotherapist I am passionate to help others achieve ways forward in emotional or psychological issues.  For the last 18 years I have felt very privileged working closely with many individuals from 10 to 87 years in the NHS, public, private and voluntary sectors undertaking therapeutic work face-to-face and on-line.

With extensive experience working with psychopathology and a variety of mental health issues with differing degrees of severity, I have learnt to be more open to the uniqueness of every individual's difficulty, personal battle and journey with mental health issues.  I have worked with clients with self-esteem and confidence issues, anxiety and panic disorders, depression, self-harm, addictions, phobias, OCD and assisted others with attachment and adjustment issues, loss or bereavement. I have substantial experience working with deeper issues such as Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Psychosis, Personality Disorders, Body Dysmorphia, Schizophrenia, as well as supporting individuals with Learning Difficulties, ASD, chronic illnesses and also worked with family members and carers.

I specialise working with adjustment, loss & trauma & I am passionate in helping others to overcome life hurdles or mental health issues. I work holistically drawing on a range of relational and psychodynamic models and techniques to enable individuals to gain a greater sense of well-being, re-connect to the lost parts of self and enhance coping strategies. I can be by your side, help you to find ways forward if you give talking therapies a chance. I am here to support you if you will let me.

If you are thinking it is time to Pick Up The Pieces, find yourself again or just fed up feeling in limbo, lost or alone we can find those missing pieces together. I can help you regain focus and control to find a happier you.


Making the right choice

It's important to choose the right therapist for you,  someone you can connect to and feel supported by to develop new perspectives and enhance personal growth and change.  If my service is not what you are looking for I will willingly signpost you to others who may be more beneficial to your needs. Why not remind yourself of our focus and promise at Picking Up The Pieces on our home page or find out more