Cancer support and chronic Illness

Life can be tough...

Maybe unexpected events in life have been thrown at you- Your life has just imploded in being given a cancer, degenerative or terminal diagnosis or maybe you suddenly find yourself  struggling consistently with ill health  or suddenly adopting a caring role which is making you hesitant reaching out to others, feel isolated or alone. 

You may feel as if life has stopped, loss confidence, focus or direction. You exist but have stopped living or find it hard to adjust or accept self or the changes you are going through. Perhaps you struggle talking to family or friends about how you are really feeling. Picking Up The Pieces  can help you to find ways forward and empower self,  no matter what you are going through.

Sometimes life can become a treadmill of appointments, medication or treatment regimes leaving you with multiple challenges in physical ailments, experiencing mental anguish without warning. Many including family members and close friends can under estimate the psychological effect chronic and long term health issues has on an individual. As well as the impact it has on those finding themselves now in a caring role.

Picking Up The Pieces additional service for chronic illness and cancer support provides a safe and confidential space away from hospital environments, medical and clinical routes and can support you to find ways forward. You can have a voice, feel heard and feel supported in challenges and changes faced whether in your health or in your caring role for others. By gaining emotional support it can help you to explore choices and make decisions that may work better for you.

Picking Up The Pieces can help you adjust or come to terms by increasing perspectives and adopting coping strategies whatever limitations or difficulties you may be going through. Together we can explore thoughts and feelings around loss of self, treatment options or even work through fears and choices or end of life challenges that you may face, whether its happening to you or a loved one. Together we can find ways forward, enable you to work those multiple changes your life faces, whether it is happening to you, or in a loved one. Picking Up The Pieces is here for you helping you to gain some control in accepting self, letting go in endings, end of life planning or final arrangements. 

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Picking Up The Pieces supports those affected by health related issues or cancer. Providing a face to face service as well as working online. Making therapy more accessible to others in their health, treatment difficulties or caring responsibilities in everyday life's.